After Action Reports

We'll be adding more reports to show a variety of armies, equipment, years and tactical situations.

  • US vs Soviet 1986 - An encounter battle between a US tank company and a Soviet tank company in West Germany
  • Israelis vs Syrians 2006 - Israeli and Syrian mechanised companies meet near the Bekaa Valley
  • Egyptians vs Israelis 1973 - An Israeli armoured force attacks Egyptian infantry across the Suez Canal
  • Chinese vs Indians 2014 - A Chinese armoured force attacks Indian infantry in Ladakh
  • Chinese vs Indians 2014 Part 2 - A Chinese armoured force clashes with an Indian tank company
  • Soviets vs West Germans 1989 - A Soviet motor rifle company aims to breakthrough the NATO defences
  • Soviets vs West Germans 1989 again - It's BMP vs Marder as a Soviet recce company meets a West German Panzergrenadier company
  • Soviets vs West Germans 1989 again, again - Marders and Jaguars try to stop a Soviet breakthrough on the Central Front
  • Soviets vs US 1990s - Abrams, Bradleys and Apaches face the Soviet hordes in this 'The USSR lingered on' scenario
  • Israelis vs Egyptians 1973 - Operation Stouthearted Men by the guys at ARSM in Rome
  • Chinese vs Indians 2014 Part 3 - An Indian mechanised force tries a mixture of mobile and fixed defensive tactics to halt a Chinese attack
  • USMC vs Soviet Naval Infantry 1986 - A US company launches an airmobile assault in this all-marine clash
  • Chinese vs Indians 2014 Part 4 - An Indian mechanised force versus a Chinese company in an encounter battle
  • South Africans vs Angolans 1988 - A South African mechanised force meets an Angolan company in an encounter battle
  • Turks vs Soviet Marines 1985 - A Turkish armoured company encounters a Soviet marine tank company
  • NEW! West Germans vs Soviets 1985 - A West German company aims to stop Soviet tanks and Mi-24 Hinds from capturing a vital bridge
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