Turkish Armoured Company vs Soviet Marine Tank Company, The Dardanelles, 1985

This was a 'Cold War Heated Up' action based on a 'Gallipoli in reverse' scenario 70 years on. We fancied a tank-heavy game featuring tanks that were of similar quality but with different capabilities. The game was also a test of one of the our suggested scenario types, a meeting engagement with one side being smaller than the other so arriving on the table earlier. All models are 1/300, the infantry and Turkish vehicles by Heroics & Ros and the Soviet AFVs from Scotia.

The Turkish Force (Morale - Regular, Training - Trained)

Company HQ - 2 x M48A5, one of which is the Commander

1st Platoon - 5 x M48A5

2nd Platoon - 5 x M48A5

3rd Platoon - 5 x M48A5

Attached Infantry Platoon - 4 x M113A1 with infantry

The Soviet Force (Morale - Professional, Training - Trained, Army Characteristic - Centralised)

Company HQ - 1 x T55AMV carrying the Commander

1st Platoon - 3 x T55AMV

2nd Platoon - 3 x T55AMV

3rd Platoon - 3 x T55AMV

Naval Infantry Platoon - 3 x BTR60PA carrying infantry

Here is a view of the table from the east - the Soviet entry edge - before any troops had entered. There were 2 woods and a wooded hill dividing the table with 4 gentle hills. The village in the centre was the objective.

  • The table from the Soviet side
  • The Soviets entered first and sent the infantry platoon to seize the village.

    Soviet infantry occupy the village

    One tank platoon took up turret down positions on the hill in the north east to cover the advance.

    Soviet tanks take up position on a hill

    The Turks entered in force to the north.

    The Turks entered in force

    One Soviet platoon ambushed the Turks and inflicted the first casualties - a kill and a neutralisation.

    One M48 is destroyed and another neutralised by a Soviet ambush

    The Soviet platoon beat a hasty retreat behind its exhaust-generated smokescreen.

    A Soviet tank platoon retreats behind smoke from its exhausts

    Another Soviet tank platoon arrived at the village to reinforce the infantry.

  • A soviet tank platoon reinforces the infantry holding the village
  • The Turks were not deterred by their loss and advanced quickly in force through open ground screened by the wooded hill.

    Turkish tanks advance in open ground

    The Soviet tank platoon that had retreated earlier rendezvoused at the village. With 1 infantry and 2 tanks platoons in postion, the village represented a substantial strongpoint.

    Tanks and infantry made the village into a strongpoint, seen from the Soviet side.

    The village strongpoint seen from the Turkish side.

    One Turkish platoon had moved into hull down on the hill in the west and commenced a long range firefight with the Soviet tanks across the table. The ATGMs fired from the Soviet guns proved deadly in this encounter.

    Turkish M48s destroyed by Soviet missiles

    The Soviet tanks did not get away unscathed.

    Soviet T55s destroyed by Turkish guns

    The Soviet tanks around the village joined in the firing to finish off the the Turkish platoon.

    A Turkish tank platoon is destroyed by Soviet T55s

    While the Soviets are preoccupied with the Turkish tanks on the hill, the rest of the M48s continue their move to outflank the force in the village.

    Turkish tanks continue to advance

    Turkish infantry dismounted from their M113s and took the wooded hill.

    Turkish infantry dismount and seize the wooded hill

    The Soviet commander realised the threat the Turkish moves posed and occupied the hill near the centre of the table.

    Soviet T55s occupied the central hill

    The Turkish infantry reached the northern edge of the wooded hill and commenced a firefight with the Soviet infantry in the village, soon gaining the upper hand.

    Turkish infantry commence a firefight with the Soviets in the village

    The Turks inflcited some crucial kills on the Soviets including the company commander, and the Soviet morale collapsed.

    Soviet T55s destroyed by Turkish guns on the central hill


    The Turks were left in control of the table and therefore the village. It was not an easy or cheap victory, but a victory nevertheless. The ATGMs on the T55AMVs proved deadly in the long range firefights while the stablisation on the M48A5s was valuable as the Turks moved into the late decisive firefight. As ever it's a case of palying to one's strengths. The Soviets made a mistake in putting too many tanks to hold the village instead of manoeuvring against the Turkish advance, while the Turks should have backed away from the losing long-range firefight. All good fun though!

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