• A column of Chinese ZTZ99 tanks
  • Egyptian Mi-8 helicopters
  • German Marder 3
  • 105mm light gun battery
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Wargame Rules for the 21st Century

Sabresquadron is the new set of rules for company-level wargaming from the Cold War to the Digital Age. The rules are fast-moving and easy to pick up, and cover all the important factors including helicopters, guided missiles, the latest armours, engineering, drones and electronic warfare, through a set of robust and consistent mechanisms. In a period that is awash with technology Sabresquadron represents the major elements but emphasises troop quality and the importance of the right tactics - the successful commander will use technology but not be a slave to it. Although this is a mechanised era we don't forget the infantry so one can go to Goose Green with 2 Para as well as to 73 Easting with 2ACR, and there are specific rules for urban combat. More

What is the Plan?

Sabresquadron is available for purchase directly from us or through major wargames retailers. If you want to get a sample of what is in store, a free basic version is available to introduce the main ideas and give you a chance to get your minis on the table as soon as possible. We have started the process of expanding the equipment data. An expanded datasheet is available for download as well as datacards for several countries. These are, and will be, free to download. We'll also be releasing a range of supplements to cover the main armies and conflicts of the era. The first, covering the Warsaw Pact forces facing NATO's Central Front in the 1980s, is available to buy. The rules and supplement can be ordered here"


Issue 2 of SQUADRON BRIEFING is now available. This is a new free periodical full of reports and articles about Sabresquadron rules and also modern wargaming in general. More details about Issues 1 & 2 can be found here.

The shop is open!

A superb new Vietnam supplement by Barrie Lovell of Timecast  is available here

AT-14, AT-15 and LAVs added to the datasheets. See here

An errata sheet is available. More here

Marker sets in mdf released. See here

The second supplement - Article 5 - covering NATO forces on the Central Front in the 1980s is available as a PDF. US, British, Belgian, West German, Canadian, Dutch and French forces are detailed in 67 lists and a wide range of equipment. More here

The first supplement - Seven Days To The Rhine - covering the Warsaw Pact in the 1980s is available as a PDF. Soviet, East German, Polish and Czechoslovak forces are detailed in 48 lists and a wide range of equipment. More here

New Special Bundles! Buy the rules and supplements together for a discount. See here

Squadron Briefing Issue 2 of our magazine is out. More detailshere

The rules are available to buy. We've supplied leading wargames retailers. Order here

The datasheets and datacards for the USSR/CIS/Russia, East Germany, Poland and Czechoslovakia have been updated to cover all of the equipment in Seven Days To The Rhine. The datasheets have been updated to cover all of the equipment in Article 5. They are here

A sheet with fixed wing aircraft details (68 planes so far) has been added to the main datasheet

The Main Datasheet is in MS Excel here


1980s lists for the USMC and 82nd Airborne have been added to the free downloads. They are on the US page

The free introductory rules have been revised to incorporate the improvements to the basic mechanics that are in the full rules. Rapid Deployment V1.1 is available to download here

The Sabresquadron Forum is open to discuss the rules, organisations and equipment, or to post your battle reports. Join here

Our Facebook page is live carrying news snippets and updates on projects. Take a look here.

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