Chinese Mechanised Company vs Indian Mechanised Compan, Ladakh, 2014

This is another scenario from our border war campaign between China and India. The Chinese are continuing their invasion of Ladakh and in this game the Chinese force was tasked with breaking through in an area that restricted the ability of an attacker to vary the routed of advance.

The Chinese Force (Morale - Regular, Training - Trained)

Company HQ - 1 x ZBD04 carrying the Commander

1st Platoon - 3 x ZBD04 each carrying 2 x Rifle Groups

2nd Platoon - 3 x ZBD04 each carrying 2 x Rifle Groups

3rd Platoon - 3 x ZBD04 each carrying 2 x Rifle Groups

Attached Tank Platoon - 3 x ZTZ96A

Attached Recce Platoon - 3 x Rifle Groups on Motorcycles

Artillery Support - 1 x jeep carrying an Artillery Observation Officer observing for a divisional battery of 6 130mm guns. Another battery in the battalion was availabe for programmed fire at the start of the game.

The Indian Force (Morale - Regular, Training - Trained)

Company HQ - 2 x BMP2 Sarath each carrying a Commander.

1st Platoon - 4 x BMP2 Sarath each carrying 2 x Rifle Groups

2nd Platoon - 4 x BMP2 Sarath each carrying 2 x Rifle Groups

Artillery - 6 x 130mm guns for counter-battery fire only

Here is a view of the table from the Chinese entry edge before any troops are deployed:

  • The table from the Chinese side
  • The woods were dense and the hills had steep sides so all prevented vehicle movement and channelled an attack through the centre. The road was single track. In the centre was a marshy area.

    The Indian commander deployed the infantry in fox holes in the centre with the Saraths detached and placed in ambush positions on the flanks.

    The Indian infantry were deployed in the centre to block the Chinese advance

    The Chinese programmed artillery hit the Indian positions inflicting light casualties. Then the Chinese advance commenced with the recce platoon leading the way along the road.

    The recce platoon led the Chinese advance

    The 1st platoon advanced on the Chinese left making for the gap between the hills and the wood in an attempt to outflank the defenders.

    The Chinese 1st platoon advanced to outflank the defenders from the left

    The Rest of the Chinese force advanced through the centre with the tanks leading.

    The main Chinese force advanced through the centre with the tank platoon leading

    On the Chinese left the Saraths of the Indian 2nd platoon were waiting and opened fire as the ZBDs came into sight between and hills and the wood.

  • Indian Saraths lie in wait
  • The Saraths opened fire with their 30mm cannons, rather ineffectively as they succeed in only suppressing one ZBD. The 2 Saraths of the CHQ fired ATGMs at the ZBD in sight and knocked it out. This shocked the rest of the platoon who halted in confusion. The Saraths of the Indian 1st platoon launched ATGMs from the other side of the table against the Chinese 2nd platoon and the CHQ. A ZBD from 2nd platoon and the CHQ were destroyed but all the passengers escaped. The infantry from the Indian 1st platoon, realising that their position was about to be compromised by the recce, opened fire on the motorcycles who withdraw rapidly behind the following AFVs having accomplished their mission.

    Chinese vehicles knocked out by Indian firing

    The Chinese tanks immediately went into action and destroyed a Sarath. The ZBDs of the Chinese 3rd platoon opened fire with their 100mms onto the fox holes of the Indian 1st platoon.

    The Saraths of 1st platoon took a risk. Despite having tanks advancing towards them, they launched ATGMs and knocked out 2 ZBDs in 2nd platoon and another in 1st platoon. Seeing infantry bailing out of the stricken ZBDs in front of them, the Indian 2nd platoon joined in the battle and fired at the Chinese 2nd platoon inflicting more casualties that halted the attackers.

    The ZBDs of the Chinese 2nd platoon destroyed by Indian missiles

    The Chinese attack was already in danger with 2 out of 4 platoons halted, so the AOO called for artillery support. The request was granted and the artillery arrived on target covering the whole of the infantry and Saraths of the Indian 1st platoon and some of the 2nd platoon, causing neutralisations and destroying a rifle group and a Sarath.

    The barrage was noticed by the Indian counter-battery detection team who rapidly located the Chinese guns and returned the fire, destroying one gun and neutralising another.

    The tanks moved into sight of the Saraths of the Indian 1st platoon and fired but failed to hit any of them; the risk taken by the Saraths was vindicated. There was better shoooting on the other flank where a ZBD destroyed a Sarath, and in the centre where more ZBDs inflicted kills on the Indian 2nd platoon.

    The Saraths of 1st platoon inflicted casualties on the Chinese 2nd platoon that resulted in a rout, then pulled away from the tanks.

    The Saraths withdrew in the face of the Chinese tanks

    The Chinese tanks spotted 2 Saraths of the Indian 2nd platoon through a gap in the hills and quickly traversed their turrets to dispose of them. These were critical kills as the ZTZs were in danger of being flanked. The remaining Sarath in 2nd platoon was neutralised by the 30mm of the last ZBD in 1st platoon. The ZBDs of 3rd platoon poured high explosive into the Indian 1st platoon causing sufficent loss to rout them.

    The tanks cornered the last 2 Saraths from 1st platoon and destroyed them while the remaining Sarath in 2nd platoon was taken out by an ATGM.

    The Chinese tanks push forwards

    The Indians were desperate to prevent a breakthrough and committed the company HQ Saraths against the flank of the ZTZs, getting a number of hits on the side of one to eventually put it out of action. Fantastic shooting and very lucky!

    The infantry of the Indian 2nd platoon had been holding on in the face of shells exploding amongst them from the ZBDs of the Chinese 3rd platoon and the tanks threatening their flank. They reached the point when they could take no more and they dissolved in rout. This signalled victory for the Chinese.


    A win to the PLA! The Chinese looked like they were going to lose the battle very quickly but their 1st platoon, despite advancing for only one turn, held its ground and was able to inflict damage on the left flank that contributed to the victory. The 100mm guns on the ZBD04s proved their worth at distance in wearing down the defenders; the 3rd platoon managed to avoid being shot and concentrate on reducing the Indnai infantry positions. The recce did its job, then sensibly stayed out of the fight. The mobility of the Saraths was used effectively but the loss of 2 from 2nd platoon to the tanks proved crucial. The Chinese artillery played only a minor role and fell victim to counter-battery fire; the value of self-propelled artillery and shoot and scoot tactics were shown.

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