An Introduction

Sabresquadron is a new venture aiming to bring 'Modern' warfare to your tabletop.

Modern warfare is possibly the most exciting and fastest-moving period to wargame. It has the most interesting equipment - familiar to us from the television news or even from first-hand experience - posing a range of threats that require thought and tactical skill to overcome. The period also gives us the chance to thrash out those “What ifs?” from potential international confrontations, as well as refighting actual conflicts. However, it is also the most difficult period to transfer to the table-top satisfactorily. This is mainly due to the complexity of contemporary weapons systems, and many players have been put off the era due to rules appearing complicated or – conversely - too abstract. At Sabresquadron we aim to represent modern combat by focussing on the five main elements of the period:

Speed - Speed of manoeuvre, speed of communications and speed of decision-making.

Lethality - If it can be seen it can be killed, but being seen doesn’t mean it has to be hit.

Technology - Minor advantages can be significant, but one shouldn’t get bogged down with details.

People - Training and leadership are vital if any weapons are to be used effectively.

Position - Defenders will fire first but a static defence can be found and destroyed.

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